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How Can You Get Your Tax Refund Quickly

How Can You Get Your Tax Refund Quickly?

Nashua, NH Resident Looks for a Fast Turnaround on His Return

One of the best ways to make sure you get your tax refund as quickly as possible is to file your return electronically.  This eliminates the time during transit, getting your tax return at the front of the line.  There is a significant backlog for paper returns and yours is unlikely to be prioritized.  You should also request a direct deposit for your refund, instead of waiting for a check to be mailed. 

A Nashua resident was expecting a sizable refund on his taxes.  He wanted to do everything possible to get this money in his hands as soon as possible.  For advice on speeding up the process, he contacted the experts at Merrimack Tax Associates.

Making Sure There are No Mistakes on Your Tax Return Can Save Time

Ensuring that your tax return is correct and free of mistakes will save a lot of time in processing.  When the IRS finds mistakes on a return, whether calculations done improperly or missing information, they will contact the filer.  This back and forth between the taxpayer and the IRS can take up a lot of time, putting you back at the end of the line of tax returns each time.  By making sure your tax return is done properly, with all the information and forms needing to be filed, you can save time when it comes to receiving your tax refund.

Self-Employed Individuals Can Roll a Refund into Q1 Estimated Taxes

If you pay estimated taxes and are expecting a refund, the fastest way to get your money is by rolling this into your Q1 estimated taxes.  This eliminates time waiting for the IRS to process the return and issue the refund.  Instead, you can use money that you were setting aside for your first quarter estimated taxes as your tax refund, reimbursing yourself.  This way you can immediately get this “refund”, as soon as the tax return is filed.

The Nashua resident has taken all of the necessary steps to ensure that they receive their refund promptly, including filing early, electronically, and requesting direct deposit for their refund.

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