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Month: June 2024

Which Tax Records Do You Need to Keep?

Nashua, NH Resident Has Questions About Proper Tax Documentation

It is important to keep a copy of the tax return itself for at least three years and seven years if you are claiming for a loss. There are also supporting documents that you will want to hold onto for several years. These include W2s, 1099s, and bank statements. Keep copies of the invoices, receipts, or canceled checks for those expenses that you have deducted on your tax return. If you own your own home, closing statements, tax assessments, and home improvement receipts if used as a deduction should be kept. Documentation from investment and retirement accounts, including brokerage statements and 1099s, should also be filed away for safekeeping.

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How Student Loans Can Affect Your Taxes

Family in Litchfield, NH Has New College Student and Questions

The interest paid on student loans can be taken as a tax reduction, reducing the taxable income. Using Form 1098-E, which is sent by the lending institution at the end of the year, you can deduct up to $2,500 in annual interest on these loans. This tax deduction applies to all loans used to pay for higher education, not just federal loans. This tax break is an above the line deduction that can wind up saving you a few hundred dollars. However, to qualify for this deduction you must have paid the interest. Those who have their payment paused on an interest waiver are not eligible.

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