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Tax Extension Pressure

Reasons to File for a Tax Extension Nashua Homeowner Finds Relief from the Pressure

If you won’t be able to get your paperwork filed by the April deadline, you will need to file a tax extension.  This will give yourself and your tax preparer more time to file, ensuring that there is no missing or inaccurate information.  It may work better for everyone’s schedule and by filing for an extension you will avoid any failure-to-file penalties from the IRS.

A Nashua, NH resident was concerned about the looming tax deadline.  The pressure was causing a lot of stress and she sought the help of Merrimack Tax Associates to find a solution.

Tax Information Arriving Late?  File an Extension to Ensure Nothing is Missing

Some information needed for your tax return may be delayed.  This is not uncommon for Schedule K-1 and 1099 forms.  While there is a deadline set for sending these out, this is also often granted an extension.  This can result in the taxpayer not having all of the information to accurately file.  If any data is missing or anticipated paperwork has not yet arrived, this is a good opportunity to file an extension.

Schedule and Timing are Out of Sync

Sometimes the tax deadline falls during a particularly hectic time in your own life.  If you are planning to be out of town leading up to the deadline, an extension can offer a reprieve from the pressure.  This is also an especially busy time for your tax preparer.  Not allocating the time and booking your appointment in advance, can leave you and your accountant scrambling to get the paperwork completed.  This can lead to missing information, making this another scenario when filing a tax extension can benefit everyone.

The solution for this Nashua resident was clear, with the help of the professionals at Merrimack Tax Associates she filed an extension.  She is feeling relieved to no longer have the pressure of the looming tax deadline and can be sure that her taxes are filed when she has all of her information together.