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How to Track Your Tax Refund

How to Track Your Tax Refund

Amherst, NH Resident Looks for Answers

The IRS typically issues a tax refund within 21 days of receiving electronically filed returns and 42 days after receiving paper returns.  Mail delivery is taking longer to process so this may be delayed if you are mailing your tax return or are expecting a check by mail as your refund.  The IRS’ web site allows you to track your refund status at Get Refund Status (  You will need your social security and the anticipated refund amount that you are expecting.

Anxiously waiting for his tax return, an Amherst resident wanted to track its status.  For advice, he contacted Merrimack Tax Associates.

Get Tax Refund Status Online

The IRS has developed a refund tracker to let you know when you can expect to receive your money.  Using their web site, you can input your social security number, filing status and the refund amount.  Alternatively, you can download and use the IRS2GO app to track your refund.  This information is updated daily by the IRS, so it is the best resource for tracking your return.  If you have e-filed, you need to wait 24 hours until there is a status available.  When mailing in the return, there may be a delay as the IRS waits to receive and process the return.

E-Filing Gets Your Money the Fastest

Particularly with recent delays with the mail system, the quickest way to get your tax return is by e-filing.  Not only is the refund issued sooner, 21 days instead of 42 days, but you can also know that the IRS will receive your return and begin processing it immediately. 

The Amherst resident was able to track the status of his refund using the IRS’ web site.  While the check may still be delayed by the mail, he now has a better idea of when he can expect his money.

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