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How to Track Your Tax Refund

How to Track Your Tax Refund

Nashua Resident Anxiously Waits

The IRS now has a refund tracking tool that allows you to check the status of your tax refund online. To check this, you will need your social security number, filing status, and the exact amount of the refund as outlined on your tax return. You can then check your status at the IRS’ website IRS Where’s My Refund. There are three options that will appear when searching for your refund; return received, refund approved, and refund sent. The first indicates that your tax return is still being processed. If the status is refund approved, this will show a date that the refund will be issued by. Refund sent indicates that the money is on its way. Direct deposit can take as many as five days to appear in your account, while a check mailed may take several weeks.

A Nashua resident was pleased to learn that she would be receiving a sizable refund from her taxes this year. After completing the filing, she was anxious to check on the status of her refund. Merrimack Tax Associates was able to direct her to the IRS’ website to track her refund status, helping to give her an idea of when she could expect her money.

IRS2Go App for Checking Refund Status

The IRS2Go app is available on Amazon Appstore, Apple App Store and through Google Play. Free to download, this app allows you to check your refund status. You will still need your social security number, filing status, and the exact amount of your refund to check the status. This app has other features that users might find useful, including paying your tax bill and tax tips.

Self-Employed Individuals Can Roll a Refund into the Following Year’s Estimated Taxes

If you are a self-employed individual who pays quarterly estimated taxes, you may want to consider instead rolling your tax refund into the following quarter’s estimated taxes. This can be called out on your tax return but must be done prior to filing. You can then enjoy the money you set aside from your earnings to pay estimated taxes immediately instead of waiting for the tax return to arrive.

While it may not speed up the arrival of your refund, knowing when to expect it can put your mind at ease as it did for the Nashua resident.

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