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How to Get Copies of Past Tax Returns

How to Get Copies of Past Tax Returns

Londonderry, NH Taxpayer Seeks Advice

The IRS can provide copies of tax returns for the past seven years. You can request a copy of your tax
return by submitting Form 4506 to the IRS. There is a fee of $43 associated with this request and should
be submitted at the time of sending the form. It may take the IRS up to 60 days to process this request.
Once processed, the tax documents will be mailed to you. If you had a third-party assist in preparing
your tax return, they may have copies and be able to provide you with this information without needing
to wait for the IRS.

A Londonderry resident was refinancing her home. As standard procedure, the mortgage lender had
asked for a copy of her most recent tax return. When it went missing, she immediately turned to the
team at Merrimack Tax Associates for advice.

Reasons You May Need Copies of Previous Tax Returns

It isn’t uncommon for financial institutions and mortgage lenders to require past copies of your tax
return when applying for a loan. This could be when purchasing or refinancing a home, taking out a
business loan, applying for a college loan or financial aid. Providing your past tax return is also helpful
when working with a new tax preparer. They can see how you filed in the past, while making
suggestions for future tax filings.

The Best Way to Store Tax Returns from One Year to the Next

Tax records for past years are important documents and should be stored as such. Just like you would other critical documents, including a marriage certificate, house deed, or title on a car, your tax returns
should be kept in a safe place. One of the best ways to secure these documents is in a fireproof safe. It
is recommended that tax returns where you received a refund should be kept for at least three years. If
taxes were owed, you should keep these documents for seven years.

The Londonderry resident was pleased to hear that these past tax returns were not lost forever. She has
since submitted Form 4506 to the IRS and is just waiting for her request to be processed so that she will
once again have all of her tax filings.

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