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Summer Camp and Daycare Tax-Deductible

Is My Child’s Summer Camp and Daycare Tax-Deductible?

Milford, NH Resident Seeks Answers

Summer camp and daycare is tax deductible for children under age 13 or if the child is a disabled dependent.  The tax credit may cover up to $3,000 in qualifying expenses for one child or up to $6,000 for two or more children.  This includes money paid to a daycare center, babysitter, summer camp, or other provider offering childcare.  Covered under the Child and Dependent Care Credit, this was created for working parents to offset the price for childcare.  However, parents who are full-time students and those that are unemployed and actively looking for work may also qualify for this deduction

A Milford resident was finding the summer camp bill to be a hefty one for her two children.  Curious if there would be any savings on her taxes for this money paid, she contacted the team at Merrimack Tax Associates.

Qualifications for the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit

To qualify for this tax savings you or your spouse, for those filing jointly, must have earned some income for the tax year.  The child or dependent must be in your custodial care, under age 13 or disabled with no age limitation, and the provider of the childcare must not be yourself or your spouse.

Given these qualifications, money paid to a summer camp is tax deductible.  This includes summer camps that focus solely on a specific sport or activity, as long as the camp was selected to provide childcare while the parent is at work.  Other summertime qualifying deductions can include a babysitter, the cost of a cook or housekeeper that is tasked with the role of taking care of the child, or a home care provider for a disabled dependent.

Expenses related to schooling, tutoring, or overnight camps are not covered under the Child and Dependent Care Tax.

The Milford resident was pleased to learn that the money she was paying for her children’s summer camp could be deducted on her taxes later under the Child and Dependent Care Tax.

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