"Merrimack Tax Associates have been handling our business and personal taxes for the past five years.  Paul and his team go out of their way to provide the best tax service I've come across. Professional yet personal, they always work hard on our behalf."
Denadel LLC

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At Merrimack Tax Associates, we specialize in working with your small business THROUGHOUT the year, helping you in tax and payroll matters, such as:
  1. Knowing exactly where your small business stands with timely monthly reports and payroll, so there are no tax surprises.
  2. Keeping you out of trouble and in full compliance with of all the myriad of tax laws, including quarterly estimates for your Federal taxes, New Hampshire Business Profit Tax, Business Enterprise Tax, and/or the Interest/Dividends tax.
  3. Talking with you on a regular basis about your business on issues such as understanding how much sales you need to break-even, whether an individual should be an employee versus a subcontractor, or helping identify when it may be time to buy some new equipment to minimize taxes.